Monday, August 31, 2015

things overheard (I)


A. (a man in his late 20s)
B. (a man in his late 50s)

Scene: A woman in her early 20s stops near the two men. She takes a moment to playfully flirt with B., then exits.

A. (in earnest, turning to B.): "That's low. If I had a daughter who flirted with an older man like that, I'd slap her silly. It's disgusting."

B: "I don't know if I would," B. ponders, giving the thought due consideration.

He longed to beat her, to strangle her, to tear her hair out... He sat still, his arms crossed, his eyes turned skyward, his mind too agitated to think as yet. He only felt within him the rancour fermenting and the anger swelling which lurk at the heart of all mankind in presence of the caprices of feminine desire... Then by degrees his mind became calmer, and bearing up against his pain, he thought: "All women are prostitutes. We must make use of them, and not give them anything of ourselves." The bitterness in his heart rose to his lips in words of contempt and disgust. He repeated to himself: "The victory in this world is to the strong. One must be strong..." —Maupassant, Bel Ami (1885)

* * *

From Anthony Bourdain's The Layover (2011)

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