Monday, May 11, 2015

affinities XXIV

adam ant, toecutter, darby crash, the road warrior
darby crash, adam ant, mad max, toecutter
toecutter, the road warrior, adam ant, darby crash, mohawk, norma moriceau, Hugh Keays-Byrne
Adam Ant, Darby Crash, The Road Warrior (1981)

It's known that Darby Crash's look in the middle photo (he had various looks) was influenced by (or stolen from) Adam Ant (the picture was taken in 1980 shortly after Crash had seen Adam and the Ants perform in England). What's less clear is whether or not The Road Warrior's costume designer, Norma Moriceau, was aware of either band or had seen images of their frontmen (Adam and the Ants were pretty well known by 1981). I hope she knew both, because I like to think of the three looks as a sequence, with Darby Crash adding the mohawk and Moriceau adding the S&M-style biker gear. It's also worth pointing out that Adam Ant, like the villain in The Road Warrior, sometimes used feathers as accessories.

But of course Ant's style didn't exactly come out of nowhere either...

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Tyler said...

Looking Moriceau up on imdb, I see that she's credited as costume designer for THE GREAT ROCK 'N' ROLL SWINDLE. So it seems very likely that she was aware of the Germs / Darby Crash.