Thursday, November 13, 2014

a real life conversation (I)

Setup: B. has lots of books. A. knows this.

A: I mean, who would collect books anyway? (Looks at B. playfully.)

B: I don't collect books.

A: Right. (Laughs.)

B: I don't. I buy books for reading and researching. I'm a reader. A collector is someone who buys things for a reason other than use.

A: Then why do you keep the books after you've read them?

B: Lots of reasons. (Pause.) I have a collection, yes, but I'm not a collector.

A: Sounds like you're splitting hairs.

B: If I'm a book collector then someone with a stocked refrigerator is a food collector.

A: That's completely different!

B: You only think so because you don't read. (Pause.) Actually, you're right.

A: Thank you.

B: No, I mean they're different in a way that makes my point stronger. Because I can assure you that if a meal was still food after someone ate it, they wouldn't flush it down the toilet!

A: What on earth are you talking about?

B: I'm trying to explain to you why I keep books after I read them.

Long pause.

A: You eat books!?

B: (Sighs.) Yes!

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