Thursday, March 06, 2014

What's the World Coming To!?

"All that is said by any of us can only be imitation and representation." ―Plato (Critias, 360 BCE)

"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun." ―Ecclesiastes 1:9 (between c. 330–180 BC)

"That which comes after ever conforms to that which has gone before." ―Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (c. 161–180 CE)

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Ancient graffiti from Wadi Rum in southwest Jordan [via]

west bank graffiti, camel, vandalism, ancient graffiti
West Bank wall graffiti [via]

sex ad,  Ephesus

ancient sex ad, ancient brothel ad, coarsening culture, ephesus
Ancient ad for a brothel in Ephesus. The ad includes a heart, a cross, a woman’s head, a foot and cash. It has been translated as "turn left at the cross roads where you can buy a woman's love." [via]

penis graffiti, ancient graffiti, pompeii, jokes, penis humor, coarsening culture
Ancient graffiti from Pompeii [via]

graffiti, coarsening culture, bathroom graffiti, bathroom stall, penis humor, penis graffiti, jokes, bathroom humor

first selfie, old selfie, coarsening culture, technology, internet humor, internet culture, robert cornelius
Robert Cornelius’ self-portrait: The First Ever “Selfie” (1839) [via]

old graffiti, vandalism, name signing, carving name, ancient monument, victorians, abu simbel, coarsening culture, rameses
Victorian graffiti on one of the statues at the Abu Simbel temple complex built by Rameses II [via]

graffiti, monuments, desecration, coarsening culture, spray paint, old graffiti, vandalism, nothing new, pyramid
Pyramid of El [via]


Sketch for Luncheon on the Grass (detail). Claude Monet, 1865

cat gif, rainbow, cool gifs, proto gif, zoetrope disc, technology, dumbing down, technology, animated gif
Cat GIF [via]

proto gif, internet humor, technology, animated gif, old gif, gifs, cool gifs, early gifs, zoetrope disc
Proto-GIF. Zoetrope disc, England, 1870. [via]

omg, winston churchill, coarsening culture, technology, first use of omg

winston churchill, omg, first use of omg, lord fisher, coarsening culture, technology, internet slang, letters
1917 letter from Lord Fisher to Winston Churchill [via]

hair cut shapes, shaved heart, duchamp, star, punk, hairstyles
marcel duchamp, star, head shave, haircut, pipe, punk, early punk
Marcel Duchamp, 1921 [via]

random text message, ur, abbreviations, coarsening culture, technology, bad spelling, ezra pound

ezra pound, letter, idiosyncratic spelling, early text, texting, text msg, coarsening culture, technology, text abbreviations, sarah perkins cope
Ezra Pound, from a letter to Sarah Perkins Cope, April 22, 1934

first lady, telegram, twitter, coarsening culture, technology, eleanor roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt telegram, 1945

hillary clinton tweet, coarsening culture, technology, twitter, telegram, first lady

wonka meme, draft meme, coarsening culture, technology, fantasy football meme,

early meme, proto meme, fuck the draft, internet humor, protest poster, vietnam, draft meme
Fuck the Draft poster / meme (1968) [via]

photo overlay, old picture, new location, technology, landscape, rene magritte

rene magritte, technology, the human condition, photo overlay
Rene Magritte, The Human Condition (1935)


Alan Florencia said...

Can you please remove the picture of the guy taking a selfie? Thank you

Tyler said...

Sure thing, Alan!

The picture in this post was not making fun of you, if you took it that way. I was simply showing that many of the things we take as "new" (and often consider to be silly, crass or vulgar, and then take—wrongly, I'm trying to show—as evidence of some human fall from seriousness and respectability) have in fact been around for quite some time. In this case, the concept of the selfie, as well as the human impulse to photograph oneself.

Regardless, I understand and have removed the image.