Thursday, November 08, 2012

25 Horror Films: #5


Innocence (Lucile Hadzihalilovic, 2004)

One of the most subversive horror films, Innocence uses convention and expectation in a way that dupes the viewer into being the film's true antagonist.

While watching I thought to myself that Hadzihalilovic is probably the only director capable of bringing Henry Darger's Realms of the Unreal to life.

For those who haven't seen the film, what follows are two very helpful Netflix reviews.

1.) "I love Cotillard and foreign films, do not watch this for those reasons. The French love escargot and this moved at a snails pace and they even showed some snails at one point to prove that point. I kept waiting for a plot but I never got one. It's okay if you want to listen to French spoken because at least they did that well."

(A complaint of "no plot" is a gold standard indicator of interesting cinema.)

2.) "The movie is simply sick. In additional materials, I was able to see, that Lucile Hadzihalilovic has huge teeth as the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood, with which she shamelessly ate up 2 hours of our precious lives. She was able to create a movie which was simultaniously sick, scary, boring, pretensious and stupid. One star - thank you very much. I think that those who gave it more stars (and awards) deserve whatching this movie on regular basis as a punishment for suffering of the others. I am really happy, that this is the only movie of hers, hopefully the last one."

(Anyone who complains about the appearance of a film's director
especially when combined with various spelling errorsprovides the best gift of all: a full-proof barometer. If they liked the film, never watch it. If it was the worst movie they've ever seen, blind buy it. Because their vapidity is  flagrant to the point of being boastful, you know to do the opposite of whatever it is they say.)

Once you become an expert at reading such things, you'll learn how to determine what type of negative reviews are more reliable than any praise.

NOTE: The region 1 DVD of this film is awful. Opt for region 2 if you can.

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