Sunday, September 09, 2012

affinities (XI)

Top: The Oregonian (Calvin Reeder, 2011); Bottom: Twin Peaks (Lynch / Frost, 1990-91)

The Oregonian—in which we are thrust into one of Special Agent Dale Cooper's dreams (and Bob has been transformed into a woman)...

The Oregonian
is the most unabashedly Lynchian film I've seen, and for the first half it succeeds fairly well in evoking the most nightmarish aspects of Lynch's universe. Unfortunately the unsettling atmosphere falls apart in the second half when the film dissolves into a series of scenes that would play better—slightly tweaked—as some kind of dark (anti)comedy. (Lynchian humor, so it seems, is much harder to replicate.) Still, to those for whom the thought of Inland Empire by way of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job! sounds intriguing, I recommend the entirety of Reeder's film.

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Tyler said...

To be fair, Reeder does, from time to time, create moments that are all his own.