Monday, July 23, 2012

Rampart we watched, so gallantly streaming

While checking to see what movies had recently arrived on Netflix's streaming service, I noticed the cover for the 2009 film Rampart and was amused by the qualifier used in the tagline. This film, the poster tells us, does not feature the most corrupt cop you've ever seennay, such a thing would be almost impossible, even in the world of fiction. It merely features the most corrupt cop you've ever seen on screen.

I imagine the following:

EXECUTIVE: The most corrupt cop you've ever seen... I don't know about that line, Tim. I haven't seen the film yet, but there's no way in hell this movie copwhich, mind you, the writers were able to make as corrupt as their imaginations could fathomis more corrupt than some of the actual cops certain viewers will have seen or encountered in their day-to-day lives.

TIM THE POSTER DESIGNER: I guess you're right.

EXECUTIVE: On the other hand, compared to other on screen cops, who knows? This one might very well take the cake.

TIM THE POSTER DESIGNER: Well, now that you mention it, I'm not sure that's true either. Have you seen Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant?

EXECUTIVE: No, Tim. And neither has Rampart's target audience.

TIM THE POSTER DESIGNER: Heck, even Nicholas Cage's cop character in Herzog's Bad Lieutenant is probably more corrupt than Woody Harrelson's...

EXECUTIVE: You're missing the point, Tim. The exact specifics don't matter a bit. This is not about facts. Hyperbole is a central part of marketing. [Slight pause] Just make sure you qualify that tagline with "on screen."

TIM THE POSTER DESIGNER: But sir, hyperbole...

EXECUTIVE: Hyperbole is one thing, being laughed at is quite another. I mean, have you been following this?

[A few minutes later]

TIM THE POSTER DESIGNER: Wow. On screen it is!


Tyler said...

A bit anachronistic, sure. But it's probably the best way I've ever introduced a newsworthy link!

This post originally ended with the EXECUTIVE saying, "Have you forgotten about this guy?", followed by a picture of Anthony "pepper-spray" Bologna (TIM's closing remark was almost identical). I choose to end it the way it is now because the story I linked to is both more egregious and more current (and current, using internet ethos, means more important).

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.