Monday, May 21, 2012

Rules for Living

#767  Don't talk about people who shouldn't exist.  

They should not exist, therefore they do not. This includes even those who are negatively affecting your life, such as your jaileror your boss.

It especially includes the wider scope of figures who, through mass marketing, have been lodged into your mind without your consent.

"What do you think of John Travolta?"
"Never heard of him."

#1942 Never argue with a shadow.

Forever shifting, they will always recede when the sun shows its face. As Rabelais said, "I hate a man who runs away when he ought to stay and juggle knives."

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Tyler said...

I'm only calling these "rules" because everyone already knows that the two oft repeated cliches are true: rules are made to be broken, and there are exceptions to every rule. I could call them guidelines, which is closer to what they are, but it doesn't have the same ring to it.

I stole the line "never argue with a shadow" from Albert Cossery's 1964 novel, The Jokers. (Permission granted via Ouija.)