Tuesday, April 26, 2011

unusual encounters

Before anyone continues I would like to report some theft.

The Chris Marker photos and the quote accompanying them were lifted from a post on Mubi.com, and the final series of photographs were compiled by Max Brandel (I scanned them from a 1964 issue of Horizon magazine).

You may now proceed.

* * *

walker evans, code unknown, haneke, subway, chris marker, metro, passengers, luc delahaye
               Left: from one of Walker Evans' hidden subway photos; Right: a photo from Luc Delahaye's subway series L'Autre
                   (featured in Michael Haneke's film Code Unknown)

* * *

cocteau, luc delahaye, walker evans, chris marker, subway, metro photos
chris marker metro pictures, cocteau, walker evans, luc delahaye
Above: from Chris Marker's Passengers, a series
of photographs taken on the Paris Metro

"Cocteau used to say that at night, statues escape from museums and go walking in the streets. During my peregrinations in the Paris Metro, I sometimes made such unusual encounters. Models of famous painters were still among us, and I was lucky enough to have them sitting in front of me." —Chris Marker

* * *

james cagney, look-alike, statue, resemblance, horizon magazine, likeness
Roman sepulchral relief, first century B.C., Metropolitan Museum of Art; James Cagney

anthony perkins look-alike, lookalike, egyptian magisrate, resemblance, horizon magazine, likeness
Egyptian magistrate, black schist, c. 300 B.C., Cairo Museum; Anthony Perkins

arnold stang look-alike, sumerian head, nelson gallery, limestone, likeness
Sumerian head, c. 2500 B.C., Nelson Gallery, Kansas City; Arnold Stang

james mason look-alike, lookalike, augustus, statue, resemblance, likeness
Roman head of Augustus, first century A.D., Metropolitan Museum of Art; James Mason

fernandel, egyptian functionary, look-alike, statue, cocteau, likeness
Fernandel; Egyptian functionary, wood, c. 2500 B.C., Louvre

bette davis, look-alike, lookalike, agrippina, louvre, statue, resemblance, likeness
Bette Davis; Roman head of Agrippina, marble, first century A.D., Louvre

jerry colonna, greek head statue, look-alike, lookalike, likeness
Jerry Colonna; Greek head from high-relief panel, after 570 B.C., Acropolis Museum, Athens

marlon brando, look-alike, lookalike, resemblance, roman statue, likeness
Marlon Brando; Head of a young priest, Etruscan bronze, c. 200 B.C., British Museum

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