Saturday, April 30, 2011

five facts

Vincent van Gogh painted over nine-hundred paintings in nine years, eighty of which were painted in the final two months of his life.

Women born in South Africa are less likely to learn how to read than they are to be raped.

Aristotle wrote that men, along with male goats, sheep and swine, have more teeth than their female counterparts. (He was also married. To a woman.)

There is a passage in Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 2 that all pianists play with two hands because of the difficulty. Beethoven, however, wrote fingering for the piece that shows only one hand (the right). To make better sense of this, it's been speculated that Beethoven had large, perfectly built piano hands. Or, perhaps more likely, the fingering was simply a cosmic hoax designed by Beethoven to inspire a mix of awe and jealousy.

According to C-SPAN's interview program In Depth, the number of pages literary critic and professor Harold Bloom claims to be able to read in sixty minutes is... one thousand.

beethoven's hands painting
beethoven portrait, painting, mahler, maehler

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