Tuesday, March 22, 2011

i found these in my room the other day; i can't remember who gave them to me

A small booklet of tickets waiting to be placed on any of the over-sized SUVs I see purposely straddling two parking spaces (sitting directly on the white line). And perhaps I'll have the chance to place a ticket on the windshield of one of those obnoxious trucks I see too frequently (ie, more than zero times) -- you know, the kind with the sculpted steel testicles hanging from the back bumper, the kind that's driven by the type of person who will inevitably find a way to straddle 6 or more spaces (not including the one they parked their nuts in), a vehicle which renders redundant the mere mention of any specific parking violation since its very existence is a violation.

parking ticket humor satirical

(The attitude and language remind me a little of The Chap Manifesto.)

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