Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a blog game / experiment

An idea: a type of guest post where I send someone a topic and some (electronic) "materials" (excerpts, quotes, pictures, links), and the recipient is then challenged to turn it all into a post. Personal writing and thoughts, outside quotes/excerpts/photos/writing, or anything else, is allowed. The only rule is that everything I send must be used. The final result would be posted in a way that would alert the reader as to which specific things were supplied by me.

If anyone thinks this sounds like a fun idea, feel free to volunteer or ask questions (email me or post a comment). I can reveal the subject (or provide a few hints) if no one wants to go in completely blind. The basic idea would probably be even more fruitful with more than one participant (the results could be posted side by side), but just one would be great.

Another way of playing: sending materials without providing a topic.



Andrew said...

I'm down.

Tyler said...

Excellent. Can you email me via my profile? (I don't know how else to contact you.)

Andrew said...

Sorry for the delay, my old Mac freaks out when I try to send a profile email. You can reach me at awilliamgilbert at gmail dot com.

Thursday said...

No promises of excellence, but you mail me the secret dossier at chungkingexpression at gmail com

Adam said...

I'm game. You know where to find me.