Tuesday, December 07, 2010

split affinities (2)

jj cord cutter's way
the fat all the little animals
J.J. Cord (Cutter's Way, 1981) and "The Fat" (All the Little Animals, 1999)

There is a war between the rich and poor,
a war between the man and the woman.
There is a war between the ones who say there is a war
and the ones who say that there isn't.

Why don't you come on back to the war, that's right, get in it.
Why don't you come on back to the war, it's just beginning.

--"There Is a War", Leonard Cohen (1974)

putin sunglasses
cheney sunglasses
Vladimir Putin and Dick Cheney

cutter's way
Cutter's Way (Ivan Passer, 1981)

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Hectocotylus said...

"When asked at a press conference on 14 February 2008 whether he was the richest person in Europe, as some newspapers claimed; and if so, to state the source of his wealth, Putin said "This is true. I am the richest person not only in Europe, but also in the world. I collect emotions. And I am rich in that respect that the people of Russia have twice entrusted me with leadership of such a great country as Russia. I consider this to be my biggest fortune. As for the rumors concerning my financial wealth, I have seen some pieces of paper regarding this. This is plain chatter, not worthy discussion, plain bosh. They have picked this in their noses and have smeared this across their pieces of paper. This is how I view this."

* * *

Just as "The Fat" and J.J. Cord are types (even symbols), so are Putin and Cheney in this post. I was trying to find pictures of bald (or balding) CEOs of particularly heinous companies (Union Carbide/DOW Chemical; Chevron-Texaco; Massey Energy etc.) but the few who were bald or balding (and not wearing toupees) weren't prone to wearing sunglasses. Of course, Dick Cheney (of Halliburton) works perfectly, especially since J.J. Cord is an oil tycoon.

Another similarity between All the Little Animals and Cutter's Way can be found in the characters Mr. Summers and Alex Cutter. Both men are prone to violence. Summers lived the middle of his life as a pacifist but bookended it with violence, and Cutter served in Vietnam, lived relatively peacefully after returning (at least compared to the war!), and then ended it with more violence. And both men are highly flawed "imaginative idealists." The comparison becomes too perfect when we see that one is played by John Hurt, and the other by John Heard. Summers is hurt, and Cutter wants to be heard. The comparison of these "types" would make for a very different kind of post.