Monday, October 25, 2010

random splatterings

I haven't been posting much recently mostly due to the fact that I've been in a state of mental malaise, or maybe it's a case of mild depression. I still forced some writing from time to time which resulted in about ten unfinished posts and ideas for various things (hopefully they'll amount to something).

I've been working sporadically on a short film with one of my friends. We have a well-conceived skeleton in place, with a finalized script soon to come. I'm excited about it.

* * *

paul newman reading genet
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1.) Who is the seated person in the above photograph? (Answer)
For the next question you'll probably want to view a larger version of the photo: click here.
2.) What book is this person reading? (Answer)
3.) What set was this photograph taken on? (Answer: I don't have the answer to this question.)

* * *

The other night I was driving home from dinner with some friends and we turned down a road leading to a stoplight. It was red, and someone was crossing the street. As soon as our headlights consumed the pedestrian he froze, turning to look in our direction for a moment as we slowly drifted up to the light. He was wearing a hoodie so his face was obscured. Within seconds he broke into dance in front of us. He took his time crossing the street with robotic movements and then, after finally making his way to the sidewalk, burst into a faster, more improvisational dance, jumping off various objects as he ran. It was fun to watch, and it put all of us in a better mood. We talked about how much more fun the world could be if people simply broke out of the routine patterns of standardized behavior.

Many years ago driving home from a friend's house -- it was late, probably around 1 AM -- I came upon a stop sign. In front of me sat a car I had been following for a short distance. It stopped at the sign, but instead of driving through the car-less intersection, the four doors of the vehicle opened simultaneously, and from inside there emerged four teenage boys in their boxers who proceeded to dance on and around their car for a good 2 minutes as my headlights provided them with a proper spotlight. Music was blasting from their speakers. It was funny, especially due to the fact that they were about as bad at dancing as one could possibly be (purposely or not). After finishing they started laughing, hopped into their car, and drove away. It wasn't until I got home that it occurred to me that I should have put my car in park, gotten out, and danced around on the hood of my car in response.

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