Thursday, February 04, 2010


Prompted by the passing of Rohmer, Salinger, Zinn, and the final strands of fair elections (democracy) in the United States, I updated my blog unexpectedly a few times last month with some quick and temporary, newsy posts, all of which can now be found filed under my "recent links & discoveries," for anyone curious who might have missed their hiatal hatch (though their news value by now, I suspect, is nil).

Meteorologists are informing people in my region that something big is brewing, possibly the most snow ever to fall in these parts (on record). Starting tomorrow. So, for those who still drop by, I'm going to resume posting and updating the "recent links & discoveries" at some point this weekend while I'm marooned. My time away worked; I feel eager once again to sound off some echoes in the voiceless void.

Here I stand before my weather machine
preparing to cover the azure globe in endless white.

edit (02/06/10): it worked!

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Pierian Rose said...

I have enjoyed your site for quite a while. For some reason when I saw "preparing to cover the azure globe in endless white", I thought of Yukio Mishima's Spring Snow.