Thursday, December 18, 2008

five facts

It was Ub Iwerks - not Walt Disney - who created Mickey Mouse.

Henry Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde during a 6 day cocaine binge.

When he was seventeen, Roman Emperor Heliogabalus once ordered: "Bring me a thousand pounds of cobwebs!"

In 1933 there was a 'Business Plot' hatched by Wall Street to overthrow the American government with military force and replace it with a corporate controlled fascist dictatorship.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Attended Red Emma's Red & Black Ball with Sarah and Justin Saturday night. As far as things like this go - gatherings, parties, etc. - it was pretty good. It's always nice for people to turn something into an Event rather than just a place to go and drink. Almost everyone there made some effort to dress up, and seeing the costumes was perhaps the best reason to attend. Once inside, we were asked to provide a name and place of origin - real or imaginary (we had already made up fake names on the way down) - and then promptly introduced to the crowd by the gentleman at the door (donning his best English accent). Early on there was a seance - amusing enough to prevent rigor mortis. Then live music; I remember hearing Vivaldi. Vegetarian food and vegan cake. A few people took pictures of us. Overall, the whole experience further accentuated my belief in the meaninglessness of gatherings. I think most of the people there had a fun time, but I... Well, I had much more fun making my mask (the only reason I went) than I did actually leaving my house.

* * *

The masks we made:

Sarah's (the picture doesn't do justice to its true sparkly nature)

Justin's (Note the occult symbols... He was ordered by a shaman in India to wear them for 1 year to ward off the Anger curse.)

Mine, and a close up of the detail and texture that was erased by the camera flash

A picture of us each wearing our mask

Monday, December 08, 2008

a comic my friend made

hipster cartoon, jocks and hipsters, hipster comic, modern day hipster, evolution of the jock

Sarah B., 2008  

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Tarpeian Rock... Oops

I just found out there is a literary magazine called The Tarpeian Rock... Had I known, I would have picked something else - oh well! It's funny because I chose the name for pretty much the same reasons, though I must admit to sometimes being guilty of "artistic stultiloquy."

"Rising from the past like an avenging angel, The Tarpeian Rock is the bane of post-modernists, profligates, and purveyors of literary and artistic stultiloquy everywhere. For too long, mediocrity, absurdity, and obscenity have dominated the worlds of art and literature. Inspired by a satanic vocation, the enlightened experts have spent the last hundred years or so declaring the beautiful trite, and the ugly transcendent. And what do we have to show for this century of confusion? Piles of rusting metal that some consider sculpture; Meaningless novels which celebrate moral and cultural relativism; Poetry that is nothing but flaccid prose with bad line breaks; The expurgation of God from public discourse except as an object of criticism."

However! I am a fan of absurdity and obscenity. And sometimes satanic vocations. And I am also forced to tolerate flaccid prose since I am inflicted with the unfortunate ability to produce it at high volume. But other than that I say: "Yes! I am incapable of having said it better myself!"

Monday, December 01, 2008

the Real

"The financial meltdown has made it impossible to ignore the blatant irrationality of global capitalism. In the fight against Aids, hunger, lack of water or global warming, we may recognise the urgency of the problem, but there is always time to reflect, to postpone decisions. The main conclusion of the meeting of world leaders in Bali to talk about climate change, hailed as a success, was that they would meet again in two years to continue the talks. But with the financial meltdown, the urgency was unconditional; a sum beyond imagination was immediately found. Saving endangered species, saving the planet from global warming, finding a cure for Aids, saving the starving children . . . All that can wait a bit, but ‘Save the banks!’ is an unconditional imperative which demands and gets immediate action. The panic was absolute. A transnational and non-partisan unity was immediately established, all grudges among world leaders momentarily forgotten in order to avert the catastrophe. (Incidentally, what the much-praised ‘bi-partisanship’ effectively means is that democratic procedures were de facto suspended.) The sublimely enormous sum of money was spent not for some clear ‘real’ task, but in order to ‘restore confidence’ in the markets – i.e. for reasons of belief. Do we need any more proof that Capital is the Real of our lives, the Real whose demands are more absolute than even the most pressing demands of our social and natural reality?"

-Žižek, Use Your Illusions