Friday, December 05, 2008

The Tarpeian Rock... Oops

I just found out there is a literary magazine called The Tarpeian Rock... Had I known, I would have picked something else - oh well! It's funny because I chose the name for pretty much the same reasons, though I must admit to sometimes being guilty of "artistic stultiloquy."

"Rising from the past like an avenging angel, The Tarpeian Rock is the bane of post-modernists, profligates, and purveyors of literary and artistic stultiloquy everywhere. For too long, mediocrity, absurdity, and obscenity have dominated the worlds of art and literature. Inspired by a satanic vocation, the enlightened experts have spent the last hundred years or so declaring the beautiful trite, and the ugly transcendent. And what do we have to show for this century of confusion? Piles of rusting metal that some consider sculpture; Meaningless novels which celebrate moral and cultural relativism; Poetry that is nothing but flaccid prose with bad line breaks; The expurgation of God from public discourse except as an object of criticism."

However! I am a fan of absurdity and obscenity. And sometimes satanic vocations. And I am also forced to tolerate flaccid prose since I am inflicted with the unfortunate ability to produce it at high volume. But other than that I say: "Yes! I am incapable of having said it better myself!"

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