Sunday, December 14, 2008


Attended Red Emma's Red & Black Ball with Sarah and Justin Saturday night. As far as things like this go - gatherings, parties, etc. - it was pretty good. It's always nice for people to turn something into an Event rather than just a place to go and drink. Almost everyone there made some effort to dress up, and seeing the costumes was perhaps the best reason to attend. Once inside, we were asked to provide a name and place of origin - real or imaginary (we had already made up fake names on the way down) - and then promptly introduced to the crowd by the gentleman at the door (donning his best English accent). Early on there was a seance - amusing enough to prevent rigor mortis. Then live music; I remember hearing Vivaldi. Vegetarian food and vegan cake. A few people took pictures of us. Overall, the whole experience further accentuated my belief in the meaninglessness of gatherings. I think most of the people there had a fun time, but I... Well, I had much more fun making my mask (the only reason I went) than I did actually leaving my house.

* * *

The masks we made:

Sarah's (the picture doesn't do justice to its true sparkly nature)

Justin's (Note the occult symbols... He was ordered by a shaman in India to wear them for 1 year to ward off the Anger curse.)

Mine, and a close up of the detail and texture that was erased by the camera flash

A picture of us each wearing our mask

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