Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Rimbaud piece discovered! April.

And my friend Dennis informs me that it's featured in the December issue of Harper's Magazine, translated by Wyatt Mason. He continues: "It's not Rimbaud's finest hour, but there's wit and brimstone aplenty."

* * *

This satirical prose poem, Bismarck's Dream, is likely to be of real interest only to Rimbaud enthusiasts. Nevertheless, I have posted it below for my 7.2 million devoted followers. (The opening paragraph explains why it was "lost.")

Edmund White: "His own school was still closed because of the Prussian invasion... It might have been at this time that Rimbaud wrote (under a pseudonym) a short, satirical sketch about Bismarck that he published in a Charleville newspaper. In the sketch, Rimbaud imagines the German general hunched over a map of France, looking longingly at the black dot that symbolizes the much-coveted Paris. Bismarck is smoking a pipe. He falls asleep on the pipe and map and badly burns his big nose. He is forced to attend the royal Prussian sauerkraut dinner with a black stub of a missing nose. It's all a bit schoolboyish, but it is a discovery (the text had not been seen for 138 years)."

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