Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And he has pipettishly bespilled himself from his foundingpen as illspent from inkinghorn....

While looking over some of the de Sade books one of my friends left behind, I developed a game I like to play with The 120 Days of Sodom:

Open the book to a random page and point. The object is to hit a word relating to sex or a debauch of some kind (it must touch your finger OR the surrounding area). I shall try it now to give you an example:

1.) Nothing
2.) Word: Discharges. Sentence: "He breaks into a trot, and as he's started by now to frig himself, he soon discharges and, while he does so, makes loud noises, bucks, rears, and throws the rider."
3.) Nothing
4.) No specific word, but the sentence pointed to was: "Yes, Sire, the first, and the monk's was about the size of yours."
5.) Sentence: "The girl must be menstruating." (This one stretches the rules a bit, but I'll count it.)
6.) Word: Ass. Sentence: "Her glorious ass is soon washed in blood, the Duc embuggers her while Curval severs one of her fingers, then Curval marches into the breach while the Duc six times sears her thighs with a hot iron; etc."
7.) I see that the Marquis uses the word "encunted" and realize that he truly is a genius.
8.) "But the child emerges dead."
9.) Again the word is discharges. Sentence: "He lowers her into a very deep well and shouts down after her that he is about to fill it with large stones; he flings in a few clods of earth to frighten her, and discharges into the well, his seed landing on the naked whore's head."
10.) Nothing
11.) Nothing
12.) Nothing
13.) Word: Turds. Sentence: "...for his alarm may have provided us with a clue about the fate of those turds--we told him that the ones he had been served that day had come from several persons suffering from syphilis."
14.) Word: Cunt. Sentence: "Good God, dearie, let's not have any of your cunt, please put it away."
15.) Nothing.

marquis de sade by man ray

Imaginary Portrait of the Marquis de Sade by Man Ray

* * *

I invented a similar game to play with James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. The difference in this version is that instead of looking to touch some kind of debauched act, the aim is to stumble upon a sentence that makes sense. I shall try it now to give you an example:

1.) Nothing
2.) Nothing
3.) Nothing
4.) Nothing
5.) Nothing
6.) Nothing
7.) Nothing
8.) Nothing
9.) Nothing
10.) Nothing
11.) Nothing
12.) Nothing
13.) Nothing
14.) p. 246: "The campus calls them."
15.) Nothing

james joyce man ray Finnegans Wake

James Joyce, 1922 by Man Ray


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I sensed you were a fan of de Sade. I have some artwork on him that suits your taste perfectly.


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Is it online? ...Show me the way!