Sunday, July 06, 2008

TEOREMA (1968)

A few comments semi-related to a movie I semi-recently watched semi-consciously:

I like how Terrance Stamp is always reading Rimbaud, as if young Arthur is his life force, the inspiration for his other worldly powers of transforming reality.

"But now, in leaving, you're making me worse than before. Did you want that? Now the pain of losing you will cause a relapse more dangerous than the sickness I had before this brief cure your presence brought. Before, I didn't understand this illness, but now I do."

teorema pasolini
If I ever have a daughter I'll name her Teorema. (Not after the film, but simply because I like the name.) I'd name my sons Charlemagne and Constantine. I like the names, but I also want to encourage them to take over the world.

Last night I had a dream. Pier Palo Passolini was hovering above my bed in black and white. He was wearing a robe that was blowing around him by means of some imaginary wind. I looked down and saw that he was masturbating. Staring intensely straight ahead as he started to climax, a bright white light came out of his penis and shot out onto the wall, opening up to project the Trilogy of Life.

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Anonymous said...

referring to teorema, someone on amazon wrote: "the perfect movie to watch while trapped in an igloo." i often prefer reading something like that - and get more out of it - than reading ten thousand essays.